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Product Review: MagBak

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First impressions: Once in a while a new way of doing something comes along and simply blows away the elegant simplicity of everything else sharing that market space. Is it protection? is it a mount? Is it an installation kit for your car? What if it were all of those things and only cost $39? Yeah, I know, pretty cool.

I mean, what if you had just purchased one of the most amazing devices on the planet and its construction impressed you as much as the device’s operation itself? Its look and feel were better than anything that had come before, and almost every time it had a birthday it re-invented itself and became more and more perfect to hold. Your instinct is to protect it, to put it on a pedestal, and take it with you wherever you go. For me, the MagBak speaks to that in volumes for the iPad. MagBak brackets the beauty of the iPad design without obscuring it. MagBak translates the magnetic properties of the more recent iPad covers into a useful means to mount our iPad in places where we always thought it should go. And, MagBak’s companion product MagStick extends that transport-ability to places not clad in ferrous metals. The MagBak is a genius inspired and developed product.

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