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Product Review: MagBak

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...The iPad is today’s computer manufactured like a piece of jewelry as compared to the tin and plastic offerings made until its arrival. The iPad is so streamlined and elegant that it slides all over the place. A strangely high amount of news coverage characterizes the results of that fact as if it were a flaw in the design. If glasses got that kind of pounding in the press eyewear would be a really hard sell.

What does the MagBak do for the iPad?


  1. Protects by raising the iPad slightly from the surface and adding some grippy-ness to the contact points

  2. Thin as the skin of a water-bottle but with a matt surface finish

  3. MagBak magnets are slightly stronger then the Apple® Cover magnets, BUT are really strong when coupled with the MagStick magnetic attraction

  4. Unobtrusive, you forget they are there, unlike the first generation iPad cover sleeve (about the same thickness) that felt like as slimming as a raincoat

  5. Easy to reposition, doesn’t fight you like I thought it would

  6. iPad is easier to hold, handle

  7. MagSticks expand the limits of where you might want to mount your iPad

  8. MagStick as a iPad Dash mount is JUST BRILLIANT, as most iPad car mounts are ugly or a costly alteration that becomes a big commitment


  1. MagSticks from the "Classic" and those from the “Air” versions don't auto-align across both iPad MagBak types. Only a multi-generation iPad household would notice, and even then it might not make much difference as even slightly misaligned there seems to be enough holding power for most applications

  2. Double clicking the home button rocks the iPad on a tabletop surface. I use this double click a lot to navigate between open apps, so call me sensitive

  3. I would caution some not to sit their iPad with MagBaks installed too close to platter based hard drives to avoid accidental erasure

The BAD:

  1. No bad - Negatives don’t come to mind with this product

INSTALL VIDEO: See, even a fumble-fingers can install these in about 5-minutes

NOTE: Stills at end of video show MagStick Car Mount install